Debate with a Muslim, oh dear

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Here’s a little run in with a Muslim I had on Youtube the other day, had a little debate with him, which some how started from a small comment I left on a video after seeing his comment. I’ll post my first reply to his comment, and then his response, and then mine, etc etc.

Until either he gives up, or my keyboard breaks.

His first response to the video:

“You are telling me to face the Music, and I am telling you to face the fact. ISLAM IS THE FASTEST GROWING RELIGION IN AMERICA, EUROPE, AND FORTUNATELY, THE REST OF THE WORLD.”

My reply to this:

“Just because Islam, or any other religion, happens to be the fastest growing in the world, means nothing. Something can be crazy, bigoted, and down right stupid, even if all the people in the entire world believe in it. The amount of followers a certain belief has, has nothing to do with it being right or wrong, good or bad.”

His reply:
Islam is the fastest growing religion does mean something.

You claim that Islam is violent, why are people turning into this religion

You claim that Islam opresses women, Yet about 70 % of the converts are women.

You claim that Islam teaches terrorism, then are you telling me more people wants to be terrorist, especially women who doesnt love war or violence naturally??

It does mean something.

you are right. The amount doesnt tell whether the religion is good or bad. But the religion itself does.

The fact that islam is the fastest growing religion also should make people wonder. The media is saying islam equals extremism, terrorism, fundamentalism, etc. Why is more people turning to it. this should make you wonder.

This should also make you think what is so special about this religion that It is the fastest growing religion.

This should make you wonder why the media is attacking Islam from every direction…

Isthe growth of Islam a threat to them?/?”

My reply:

First of all, you keep saying “You claim…” I’ve never said any of the things you say I claim. I’ve never once said to you that Islam is violent, that Islam oppresses women, or that Islam teaches terrorism.

However, I was expecting this type of response from you, it’s very typical. Whenever I, or anyone for that matter, questions the CREDIBILITY, in TRUTH and FACTS of Islam OR ANY OTHER RELIGION, we immediately become labeled a racist, Islamaphobic (afraid of Islam / Muslims), or ignorant etc etc.


Now… to address your points of supposedly “My claims…”

“You claim that Islam is violent, why are people turning into this religion”

So what? Just because a large number of people are going to this religion, doesn’t immediately make it non-violent. A large number of people joined the Nazi party in Germany back in the 1930’s and 1940’s, does that mean that the Nazi party wasn’t violent? Before you jump to conclusions, no I am not saying Muslims are the same as Nazi’s, it was just an example to show that the argument of “it cant be violent because so many people are turning to Islam” doesn’t mean anything.

“You claim that Islam opresses women, Yet about 70 % of the converts are women. ”

Once again, meaningless statement. The FACT that a large number of Islamic countries and its followers suppress women is undeniable, I’m hoping even you can admit that.

Before I continue, next time you decide to spit out random numbers and make them seem credible, I’d suggest you also post a source for these statistics.

Now, about the converts to Islam. Most, and I really mean most, of the converts to Islam aren’t in Islamic countries, simply for the fact that, everyone born in an Islamic country, is a Muslim. So all of the converts of Islam, are usually in western world (North America, Europe…), or other parts of Asia, where oppression of women, has been deemed unacceptable and down right stupid, and rightfully so. Therefore the new members of Islam, do not experience the oppression of women, because of the liberal, and westernized values their society has created through a SECULAR government. So the fact that there are supposedly “70% of the converts being women”, has no bearing on the fact that a large number of Islamic countries and their people, do oppress women.

“You claim that Islam teaches terrorism, then are you telling me more people wants to be terrorist, especially women who doesnt love war or violence naturally??”

I highly doubt Islam teaches terrorism, and have never claimed that. However, I know for a fact, that Islam teaches that the act of martyrdom is holy, sacred, and will be rewarded with a special martyrdom paradise. This can be easily twisted by some of Islams more extreme followers, as a way of justifying the countless numbers of suicide bombings all over the world. This is not a problem of Islam however, it is a problem of all religions, you can see the same cases, in every belief.

Believe me, women can be just as violent, and sometimes more violent than some men.


Now, despite all of what I just said about your reply, it has had nothing to do with the point that i was trying to get across in my first reply to the video.

I said nothing of Islam being violent, a advocate of terrorism, or oppressive. I simply stated that just because there are a large number of followers of a faith, ANY FAITH, that doesn’t make it true about the FACTS of the universe and the origins of it and life itself. It has no meaning in terms of scientific fact, observable evidence, and rational ideas. Also it can have millions, even billions of followers and still be down right evil, or even the highest good, but the numbers have no influence on this.

But since YOU brought it up, Islam, as a majority, is typically violent, oppressive, and acts very aggressively at the slightest criticism of this. Take the Danish cartoons of the prophet Muhammad, entire nations acted out with extreme violence, spread hate speech against not only the Danish cartoonist, but the country itself and the entire western world. Holding signs saying “Behead those who say Islam is violent” — I’m hoping you can even pick out the irony in that.

However, despite all of this, Islam also has a number of very peaceful, sincere, gentle, and great people in its followers. However the ratio of these followers to the Islamic worlds followers, is quite minimal, that is, there are a vast more of the violent, bigoted, hateful followers, that would consider the more moderate Muslims, not true Muslims”

His reply:

First of all, I am saying “You in General” This is what the media sys. Whatever you say is minority. And whatever the media says is majority.

obviously you didnt claim it and i thought you would understand what i ve meant

Why do you think Islam is violent??

Because some group people are fighting their enemy to get back their land. Media portrays them to be terrorist…i am asking you what is wrong with someone who fights to get back their land. Look at palestine and look at Israel. IF WE MUSLIMS WERE SO MUCH AS VIOLENT, WE WOULD VE DONE SOMETHING TO ISRAEL.

Your example of the Nazi movement was very weak. Because The motives are different. They are a political movement. They used propaganda to reach their objective.
Its totally totally different.

Islam opresses women??

Let me tell you something…

Islamic countries are not ruled under the laws of Islam. That goes for EVERY MUSLIM COUNTRIES.

And Muslim women had much much more freedom throughout the millenia than non-muslim women. The reason why women today have more freedom is because they went through cultural change. 15th century, women were not even allowed out without a scarf.

Now you can go with a bikini. You went through an order. christian women were not even allowed in church. now they are..

The thing is that now when women thiinks they have more freedom. Islam opresses women. Before the 19th century they would never have the chance to say this. Now they have the channce…THey dont even realize they are being used, not getting more freedom. i hope you realize that.

If the muslim women were oppressed, i think we would ve seen a protest. But right now we have women fighting for rights lesbianism,and so on.

The problem of todays women is that they care more about rights, forgetting about their responsibility as a women. Freedom of women means same freedom as men. Is that what you think?no you are dead wrong

It is not a meaningless statement. You are just taking it as one.”

My Reply:

You’ve once again failed to acknowledge the point I made in my very first post, but I’ll humor myself and consider your points…

Don’t be rude and label me with something then, and when someone says “You claim…” then there’s really only one way to take it, so I fully understood what you had sent to me, maybe you should reconsider how to put out your message.

You seem to be a little confused about what terrorism / a terrorist is…

terrorism, act of terrorism, terrorist act:

(the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians / military / government in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear)

Pretty sure the daily suicide bombings, car bombs, shootings, murders, and guerrilla styled warfare can all fall under the category of terrorism, and any of the people who commit these acts are in fact, terrorists. That’s not too say only Muslims are terrorists, even the western worlds armies being there is an act of terrorism in my opinion.

And you say the Nazi movement was different because it was for political purposes and they used propaganda? Wow. So Muslims wanting to take over a country isn’t a political thing? Muslim governments wanting to take land back isn’t a political thing? Muslims referring to Christians / Jews as sub par, blasphemers, unworthy, evil, holding signs saying “Jesus was Allah’s slave” isn’t propaganda? I’m starting to see a very close resemblance in them actually.

Islamic countries aren’t ruled under Islamic law? So whats this Sharia Law for then, huh? Doesn’t that come from your own HOLY BOOK, sounds like Islamic law to me.

Now back to this oppression of women, just because women had more rights BEFORE has no bearing on if they do now, get your head out of the past. The same countries that you say are Muslims, that are the same countries fighting back for their land, they are the same countries that women, are undoubtedly oppressed, in the views of the western world.

I hope that you’re not referring to Muslim women being allowed out in a bikini, then you’re just making shit up. Yes the Muslims in the WESTERN WORLD may be allowed out in a bikini now, and that’s the way it should be. However, even here, in Canada, there are still Muslim families that will not allow their daughters, or women, to wear shorts above the knee, let alone a bikini. So I can only imagine what things women in Muslim countries aren’t allowed to wear, I’m sure a Muslim woman walking down the street in short shorts, or a bikini, in Pakistan or Iraq would go over very well, hmmm?

Women DO have more freedom now, which they deserve, every human being on this planet, deserves the same freedom as everyone else, regardless of race, sex, religion, nationality, etc etc. Women are being oppressed in this world, by Islamic law, Muslim men, Christian law, Christan men, etc etc. It’s not only a problem of Islam.

Women protesting in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia for womens rights? What a wonderful idea, except for the fact that I’m sure many of them have the fear of being beaten or killed for that, so I doubt that will ever happen.

Their responsibility as women? I can smell the testosterone from here, what a typical thing to say, if you were in ancient times. Women have no pre-set responsibility, they can do whatever they want, what they see as responsible for themselves, not what we men think they should do, pretty sure you’re getting close to me calling you a sexist pig.

It IS a meaningless statement, you’re just too deluded too notice.

Now, back to my REAL point…

What I’ve been trying to get across to you is that, there is no TRUTH in RELIGION of any sort. There may be some speck of morals, but that’s outweighed completely by the atrocities that Religion has brought forth. I’m a full blown atheist if you haven’t noticed. Religion holds no scientific facts, no credible truths about life and the world we live in, the end.

Human kind could of gotten along fine without it, and we’d be a lot better off, compared to the disgusting state it’s got the world in now.”

His reply:

You contradict yourself so much. you said first i am not saying Islam is violent aand then the nextparagraph you go on to say Islam is violent. Do you confuse yourself alot?? i think you do.

but anyway,

Danish cartoon was unnecessary. Youare taking it as a small thing because youarent a muslim. If i talked about your parents, you would get mad. but hey its just a small thing. right? not to you, its not.

by the way did you hear about the pregnant muslim women who was stabbed 18 times in germany?? I expect you didnt. WHy ?? It received so little coverage of the media..tell me why when you are violent, its not on tv.

Islam as a majority violent??

no, again,

Every little thing that a muslim does you hear it in tv, radio,etc. When non-muslims are attacking us, you would hear nothing…

the thing is Western philosophy knows that when Islam grows to be strong, the philosophy or the order cannot exist..

Islam needs to be destroyed in order for a total globolization.

The sooner you realize that the better.

Go study Islam yourself. Dont be a puppet of the media or the West.”

My Reply:

Learn to read, I said I never claimed Islam to be violent in my first post, but since you brought it up, I decided to talk about it.

People draw and depict God’s all the time, Jesus, Allah, Buddha etc etc. It seems only Muslims get there testicles in a twist and have to blow shit up about it, instead of doing it the peaceful way. I wouldn’t give a shit if you said something about my parents, it’s your opinion, and you’re entitled to that, but I can try and argue with you. Luckily for you I won’t want your country nuked for drawing some fairy tale I like.

People get stabbed all the time, thousands upon thousands of people die every day from murder. If the media had to broadcast every single one, it’d just be constant murder coverage, and we wouldn’t have enough time for anything else.

I dunno what news you’re watching, but here in Canada, both sides of the story are told, I hear about car bombs killing Canadian / American soldiers, I hear about soldiers killing innocent Muslim civilians, both of which, are terrible acts, that should never occur.

It’s the job of the news station to tell big events, that affect people at large, not every single murder that takes place in every corner of the world. I’m sure in Germany where it took place, the murder was talked about on the news, and viewed as a bad thing to happen.

Islam isn’t violent as a majority? Bull fucking shit. Entire nations that call themselves MUSLIMS, are acting out in violence, in their God’s name, killing and destroying. Christians are doing the same thing, they are just as violent.

You mean the Western Philosophy that wants to instill order, justice, equality, and peace? Then yes, Islam is a threat to these goals, and so is Christianity, and so are dictators, so are other governments besides a TRUE democracy (not the US), don’t think its just Islam, that is causing problems, it’s a vast amount of other things as well.

If I was really a puppet of the media, I’d believe that Muslims are evil, and that Christians are good, that the war in the middle east is necessary, and other such things. When in fact, I do not believe any of those things, I believe that all religion is evil, that war is unnecessary, etc etc. So do not dare call me a puppet, you’re the one blindly following a fairy tale religion you so happened to be born into, if you were born here into a Christian family, you’d be just as devoted to the Christian religion, you blindly accepted things that you were told was truth as a child, and now cannot escape it, you puppet.

And whats so wrong about total globalization? The people of this earth have to share it, we are all in this together, we do not need separation, self-imposed differences, and blind hatred to ruin our one and only home. There shouldn’t be labels for people, we’re all human, and should work together, to make our stay on this planet, as pleasant as possible. And if you do not agree with that, you are a despicable human being, and a disgrace to any moral foundation you claim to have.

I also see you decided not to comment on the argument I put forth about women this time, I guess that means I’m right huh? Or you’ve run out of ridiculous arguments to put forward.”

His Reply:


I cant waste my time on people who made up their mind that if we turn to religion, Islam will not be in our option.

Islamic rule has been extinct since 1924…

Whatever the muslim country does is invalid…

But wat about you…

Why do we blame America and West all the time???

Because throughoutthe history, they played a key role, helping the devil.

There was not a land Europe has not colonized and opressed. We dont say anything.

America and Spain and Portugal has killed 487 million native americans (not even hitler was that close)
We didnt cause World war 1 or 2. We didnt start a holocaust. We didnt start a Guantanamao. We didnt start a crusade that raped, tortured, killed millions of innocent civillians…

40000 people were killed in the french revolution. Queen Isabell and Her Inquisition are not blamed…

And you point at us being a terrorist?

You point at us of being oppressed??

Throughout the Islamic history, Muslim women had more rights than NonMuslims.
You will not find one historian who wrote a book about Muslim women being oppressed. It is when Women are turned into a “Thing” (meaning they are being used as sex object, billboards,etc) u think we are opressing them.

No they are gettingg more freedom than they should….

Everything has a limit. you should understand that”

My Reply:
“I’m stubborn and won’t look at something with a open heart? Riiight, I was born a Christian, and Anglican to be exact, and my family had taught me the kindness and such it brings, however, later in life through MY OWN observations and reasoning I decided that, despite the good intentions of Religion, of any sort, it’s not worth to be a part of, considering the major atrocities, hatred, and ignorance it has brought to this world TODAY, not what it was like thousands of years ago, what its like TODAY, all that matters is now and the future. As of NOW religion is a crutch to society, and is holding us back in many ways.

What a whole muslim country does is invalid? Listen, you’re ONE Muslim, you do not get to decide what is invalid or valid for an ENTIRE NATION of Muslims, and their Muslim leaders, THEY are the majority in this case, and THEY represent Islam, not you.

Islamic law is still very much alive, they attempted to implement Sharia courts in Canada several years ago, however it was quickly dismissed as a sexist, one-sided, oppressive system, and never brought in. However, in Great Britain, Muslims HAVE gotten Sharia courts put in, and are slowly making them more and more powerful, in terms of law. They have the full weight of the British law system behind them too, I can see the stoning and amputations already.

The west works for the devil eh?

Well if you’re gonna point out atrocities from the past, lets have a quick look at BOTH sides shall we…

ISLAMIC jihads (holy wars), mandated by the KORAN, killed millions over 12 centuries. In early years, MUSLIM ARMIES spread the faith rapidly: east to India and west to Morocco. Then splintering sects branded other Muslims as infidels and declared jihads against them. The Kharijis battled Sunni rulers. The Azariqis decreed death to all sinners and their families. In 1804 a Sudanese holy man, Usman dan Fodio, waged a bloody jihad that broke the religious sway of the Sultan of Gobir. In the 1850s another Sudanese mystic, Umar al-Hajj, led a barbaric jihad to convert pagan African tribes.

Bosnian MUSLIM Dzafer-beg Kulenovic was the Vice-President of the NDH Ustasha regime from 1941 to 1945. The NDH Ustasha regime committed genocide against Serbs, Jews, and Gypsies during the Holocaust. There were MUSLIM guards and soldiers participating in the genocide of these people at NAZI death camps.

More people are killed by Islamists each year than in all 350 years of the Spanish Inquisition combined.

More civilians were killed by Muslim extremists in two hours on September 11th than in the 36 years of sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland.

Islamic terrorists murder more people everyday than the Ku Klux Klan has in the last 50 years.

19 Muslim hijackers killed more innocents in two hours on September 11th than the number of American criminals executed in the last 65 years.

Call them “not real Muslims” if you want, but then I could easily say the same thing about your claims. Either way, they are the MAJORITY, therefore, YOU aren’t the decider of what a true Muslim is.

I can source all of these incidents and claims if you so desire, but be warned, I will also provide more.

Yes, there are Muslim terrorists, that’s undeniable, there are also Christian terrorists, Jewish terrorists, Neo-Nazi terrorists, they’re all the same to me, despicable and unwanted.

Muslims are anything but oppressed, the western world is bending over backwards to make sure Muslims aren’t offended, and get what they want these days. Muslim WOMEN however, are being oppressed, in MUSLIM countries mainly.

You keep referring to history, like it has some effect on how things are now, so what if Muslim women were more free in the past? The fact is they aren’t more free now. Western women have a hell of a lot more freedom then they do, and if you can’t realize that, then you’re crazy. You also keep referring to the past about crusades and such, when I’ve just shown, that EVERY culture in the entire world has committed some sort of hateful crime or atrocity at some point in history. BUT in our modern world, that is TODAY, the Islamic world (middle east) is by far the worst, but that is not to say, that the Western world isn’t doing anything, we also are committing horrible acts, but the Islamic world seems to be the worst as of now, but don’t worry, America is giving you guys some good competition, they’re pretty bad themselves. I can literally list of more countries than I can count on my hand where Islamic terrorists murder daily, I’m sure I can list of a nice few where America does as well.

I’ll admit, some women have been turned into sex objects in the media. If we were forcing them to do that, then yes we would be oppressing them. BUT it is THEIR decision, THEY get to decide what they do with THEIR LIFE, NO ONE is forcing them to do something, it is COMPLETELY UP TO THEM, THEY get to DECIDE what THEY want to do with THEIR LIFE. NO ONE else should be able to make that decision for them.

Women and men should have EQUAL rights, and if you do not agree, then you’re a sexist, stone aged, moron, and that’s the nicest I can put it.

Now, I’ve proven you wrong on pretty much everything you’ve argued so far. It’s about time you address the point I made in my VERY FIRST post, that is, there is no TRUTH in religion, there are no FACTS in religion, there is no UNDERSTANDING of life and the universe in religion, it hides us from these things.

Why is it you’re a Muslim? Did you personally pick to be one? No. You’re parents decided you were a Muslim, and you’re grand parents decided they were Muslim. Why not Christian? Why not Jewish? Why not Buddhist? Why not Hindu? Huh?

You know why I’m none of those? Because they ALL teach the same unprovable nonsense. When it all boils down, it’s the same ignorant “faith” and blind obedience that they all require, and they ALL claim to have the answers to everything, but no way of proving it. This is why I’m an atheist; I do not believe in a supreme creator, or deity.

I do not claim to know what happens after you die, how life began, or the history of the universe. These are things no humanbeng can know absolutely.

I believe the Big Bang is ONE possibility as to how the universe came to be, but more research is required convince me, which will take a long time. I believe Evolution is a proven FACT that we have shown time and time again, as to how life made it to this complex stage, NOT how life began (common misconception.)

So tell me, what TRUTH is there in Islam, that Christianity does not have? Or Judaism, or Buddhism, or Hinduism, or Mormonism? Or the tribal teachings of the native American clans?

They all have ancient scribblings they call their holy book, and claim they know EXACTLY how things work, how things began, and how things will end. The same people that wrote these book, also thought the world was flat, and many other ridiculous things, that if you believed today, you’d be laughed at by a 7 year-old, let alone the scientific community. The same scientific community that brought you pretty much every thing you take for granted daily, clean running water, heat, mass amounts of food, quick travel, proper housing, etc etc.

I’m not saying you should give up you’re religion, a PERSONAL religion is completely your choice. However, you do NOT have the right, to force your beliefs on anyone else. Also, in a society that advocated FREE SPEECH, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so you can say you think they’re wrong, but you do not have the right to strip them of their belief.”


I will now link you to the video in which this all happened, the conversation we are having is through private messages, but you should be able to find his first comment on there. Just a heads up to what it’s about, the title itself is “stupid mouslim man”, spelling of course is wonderful, and it’s about a woman who was almost beaten to death by her husband, the video itself has no meaning really to what I’m trying to get across to him, but oh well.

All replies were not altered in anyway, I kept is spelling, words, sentences, “coherent” arguments just as I have founds them. I will update further sometime soon hopefully.



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          Things have been slow for the past week and we’ve noticed the drop in views. We apologise for that as we have been very busy. The next post I will be making will be up tomorrow night, if not the night after. It will stray from our general posts, and cover something near and dear to my heart, video games. This blog will be a flogging / thrashing of all fanboys and console obsessed twelve-year olds.

Religion and the Religious World Pt 3

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Nothing irritates me more than ignorance, especially when someone or a group of people try to teach me about something when they’re ignorant with respect to the natural world and the forces that control it. This could be part of the reason why religion and religious people drive me up the fucking wall.

Before I start, for those of you who are ignorant towards the word ignorant / ignorance (quoted from Wikipedia);

Ignorant – Un-knowledgeable or uneducated; characterized by ignorance; Ill-mannered, crude

Ignorance – The condition of being uninformed or uneducated. Lacking knowledge or information”

With that out of the way, am I the only one sick of religion and its people flaunting their shear ignorance to the world. How uneducated can people possibly be in the 21st century? I’ve heard literally hundreds of ridiculous claims from these people, that can only be blamed on their ignorance, I’ll list a few just to show you:

*These are religious peoples claims, not mine*

1. When evolution is brought up, they argue that the world and its magnificent creations could not have been created just by accident a.k.a evolution.

2. The earth is only 6000(roughly) years old and it was created in 6 days by God, also since carbon dating has been proven to be slightly unreliable, and you don’t know exactly how the earth was created, you’re wrong.

3. The bible (or any religious text) was written by God, because the bible (or any religious text) says it’s God’s words.

4. Scientists are closed minded and arrogant.

These are literally just a few off the top of my head, and ones that I feel are the worst I’ve heard from these people by far. These are 100% accurate claims I’ve heard, do not be taken back by them, this is no joke. Any intellectual person, who is even slightly educated should be able to pick out the major flaws in every one of these statements. However, just to make it easy, I’ll do it for you…

First Religious Claim

Holy sweet merciful fuck. If I hear anyone claim that evolution is simply one big accident, I will cut out their stomach and feed it too them. The fact that most religious folk claim this, shows, without a doubt, that they are completely ignorant towards the actual facts of evolution, and should have no right even speaking of it. Just to help prove this, I’ll briefly summarize what Evolution is;

Evolution is the gradual change of genetic material of a population of organisms. This gradual change can eventually accumulate in each new generation of the organism, and then lead to big changes. With even more time, a new species can be formed. This claim suggests that all species have a common ancestor, but I cannot stress how distant that common ancestor would be.

The process of evolution is put into action with Natural Selection, in it’s basic sense, this simply means that the best of the best survive, such as the giraffe with the longest next survives to produce offspring because it can reach food easier than the others, therefore its genetic qualities (long neck) get passed on to its children. You can find natural selection in every species on the planet.

Congratulations, you all know the general idea of Evolution by Natural Selection. This is no accident, sorry to disappoint you Jesus, but this series of events, is a long, gradual, and very complicated one. That takes place over millions, even billions of years, to form the complex organisms, such as ourselves. This scientific discovery also has piles and piles of evidence supporting it, much more evidence than, “God did it.”

Second Religious Claim

Now the claim that the earth is 6000 years old is a bit mind-numbing for me, even more astonishing is that it was supposedly “created in 6 days.” That part of their claim is not really ignorant, since it’s their own claim due to faith, however the second part of their statement wreaks of it.

Yes, you are right, that carbon dating has been proven to be slightly unreliable, too bad you stopped doing your research the second you found a fragment of proof that helps your claims. If you were to keep looking, you’d find that scientists use other elements for dating as well, and that these are much more reliable and accurate. Lets say just for arguments sake that carbon dating was our only method of determining age. Even if it was off, by even millions of years (I’m being generous here), it is still vastly closer to 4.54 billion years old (actual age of the earth) than 6,000 years old.

As for the actual origin of the earth, science is gradually coming ever so closer to this, and has many supported theory’s currently being studied. I’m not sure about you, but that seems to have a lot more credibility than “well God did it in about 6 days.” Their is no definite explanation to how the earth was created, that however, does not give you the permission to say that is was a supernatural being that did it, that has absolutely no proof, immediately making all scientific theory’s have more credibility.

Third Religious Claim

God saying he wrote his words, in your religions text, in your language, is proof of nothing. The fact that their are numerous different religions with texts saying the exact same thing, as a different God, in a different language, with different beliefs and a different story, should be enough of a reason to doubt the logic and credibility of this statement. I’m guessing however, that most of you were too ignorant towards other religions to realize this.

Go out and learn all these claims by other religions, some of their texts may even preach against your own religion, and consider you evil. These vast differences in all the religions, all supposedly written by the one true God? If god truly existed, he probably wouldn’t write books, condemning people for their own beliefs, personal life, or race. Maybe you’re even this ignorant towards your own religious text, and you don’t even realize the hatred your “God” shows towards others. I don’t know about you, but I would not trust a book written by a racist, homophobic, genocidal psychopath; then again, a God probably would not have these qualities, so maybe it was wrote by a man…

Fourth Religious Claim

Scientist closed minded? Are you fucking serious? A scientists very job, is to consider all of the rational possibilities, and sometimes even the outrageous ones, to some how find an answer to some of the most difficult things known to man. The world would not be as near as amazing as it is today, if it wasn’t for the open mindedness of scientists. Maybe if you weren’t so ignorant and closed minded you’d realize this.

Scientists alone have created every great modern invention, have brought forth every great discovery of our world, and have made our lives that much easier and comfortable. The stuff you take for granted every day, scientists worked long and hard to discover, and create, hell if it wasn’t for scientists, most of you probably wouldn’t even be alive today.

I’d like to see religion make similar claims as this, whats that? You can not? Should have figured. If anything religion has held back scientific development. As for scientists being arrogant, something tells me if they’re ever arrogant, it’s only towards you people, and in my opinion, they have full right to be, they’ve done things you and your tiny God could only dream of. By the way, stating fact is not being arrogant, it’s being true to your fellow humans, and not shoving super-natural belief and dogma in their faces.

Hopefully now, everyone is now less ignorant, even the religious people, to how ignorant religion and it’s followers actually are. Take a look for yourself, like I said, these are just a few of the ignorant claims I’ve heard, I can guarantee you there are plenty more out there.

Do not insult yourself, and your intelligence for settling with pathetic claims and ignorance.  It’s time to become educated, throw off your intellectual shackles that is faith, religion, blind obedience, and go explore the beautiful world for what it truly is, discover things unknown to man, expand your knowledge, and have a new connection to the vast universe that you are ever so lucky to be born into.

The Internet and it’s Chocolaty Center

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I’m going to explain why the Internet is one of the most epic failures known to mankind.

The Internet, who would, dare conceive of defiling the logic and brilliance behind this man-made god. I, for one question the morality of the Internet and what good it brings to anything for that matter.

First and foremost, the Internet lingo, and why it fails. “omg u giez, want 2 go hang oot n stuff?” “i got sum sh!t 2 do 1st, den ill roll wit u k?” Its grammar and spelling like this that makes me want to gut people like fish. The occasional dropping of an apostrophe or saying “u” is fine every once and so often, but honestly, spelling like this makes my, and a lot of other people’s eyes strain. Not only that, but you’re harming your own intellect and quite possibly disintegrating your own IQ, which chances are if you’re reading this and using it as a guide to shape yourself, you probably can’t risk losing those points as it is. Another annoyance is the dreaded “LOL CAPS LOCK IS CRUISE CONTROLL FOR COOL TOWN”. No, it’s really, really not. Caps lock just proves to people that rather than them having to show you you’re an idiot, that you can show them that you know you’re an idiot and they’d be wasting your time and theirs trying to show you otherwise. Yeah, okay, I’m a bit of a grammar Nazi, big deal, some people say Rommel was a bit of a Nazi too, and look how awesome he was, his only fault was that he listened to Hitler.

Secondly you have the delightfully unintelligent inhabitants of the Internet, who are widely known as “trollers” or “trolls”. These are people with nothing better to do with their time but tell you how you fail in every aspect of anything you say or do when they themselves are doing just that, making them hypocrites. These people usually are about as smart as a picket fence and can be taken down the same way, with the use of the claw on a hammer. Common weapons in the arsenal of these trolls are Internet memes which include the dreaded Rick Roll, the Orly Owl, your mother jokes, and thousands of Chuck Norris jokes. In addition to memes these trolls usually spend sleepless hours researching you to find the smallest flaw in which to mock you. Now, it may seem that I’m ranting when in fact, no I’m not, I remember the statement, and here I intend to prove it true. Due to the lingo, English scores in public schools have diminished and some people find it hard to read normal or make sentences correctly, failure. The troll situation speaks for itself as it is basically basic training or boot camp in becoming a stalker, which is a bad career choice as for the fact it’s going to get you’re ass handed to you on a platter.

All this aside, there is potential for the Internet, but it needs a filter whereas people that are less intelligent than anyone is not allowed to have anything to do with it. Yes, I realize what I said there, don’t point it out, you’ll look like a fucktard, you fucktard. One small thing about the Internet is that is introduced two concepts into the lives of many. One concept is that of leet, or for you people that don’t live under a rock, 1337. To be 1337, is to be elite, the best, to be truly better than the rest. This is NOT to be confused with being awesome although people who achieve awesomeness usually have the quality of 1337 within them and show it normally on a daily basis. As this is not about being 1337, go read somewhere else if you’re interested in it. The second of these concepts is the concept of “ownage”, or to own someone. Ownage is a concept that you either understand it, or you don’t if you don’t then you can’t be awesome and vice versa. If someone gets shot, that’s not ownage, that’s someone getting shot. If you fall downstairs and get up, that’s not ownage. If you fall downstairs, slam into pottery, shatter it and get impaled with it that, is ownage. In short, the internet sucks, go play with a ball.

As a continuation to the hate of the internet speech I have to add a paragraph based on everyone’s favorite company, Apple. Apple computer is the epitome of hell within the computer industry, and they are beginning to branch themselves off into pretty much every other industry that you can think of under the sun. With the introduction of the iPhone which has multiple applications such as being a miniature computer, a phone, and a calculator, among many more which I would bitch and complain about if i actually owned one. In order to own one id have to buy one which would make me a hypocrite which, necessarily isn’t a bad thing but I’m not about to start on that subject as of yet. Your iPhone, and iPod, and even iMacs, in essence, can do anything the other can with the exception of maybe one or two things. So my question is why not hold off for a certain amount of time and rather than invent multiple devises making the previous less and less useful, gather all of your ideas and create one massive great devise called the iAmAwesome. Which might i add is now copyrighted so if you want this idea you can gladly send me a check for five hundred thousand dollars in the mail, I would graciously accept. At the course of which you are inventing things now, I have comprised a list of possible inventions that i can foresee becoming one of your next many brilliant inventions. These ideas include, but are not limited to; the iCamera, which in essence is a camera but can do everything your iPhone can, including taking pictures, the iRock, which is in fact a rock with a USB port and no more usage than that it is compatible with all Apple technology in that it can equip itself to it and be a rock! Other non-enthusiastic ideas which I will not present to you based on you could potentially make money from it are the iBlender, the iThermometer and the iEye. Furthermore, you do not own the letter “i” which is one of twenty six letters, twenty five of which you are being very discriminate towards and i am going to have to ask you to cease and desist your “letterist” behavior towards these letters as they have done nothing to you and have no ill intentions toward you, if you ignore this request it may lead to legal action. You have been warned, good day.

Religion and the Religious World Pt 2

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I’ve made a lot of claims about religion, I plan on supporting every statement I had previously made, and have no intentions of taking any of them back for those of you who are wondering; I believe, and have the facts, that they are completely true. So for you religious folk out there, prepare to be offended.

My first complaint about religion I’m going to deal with is, its divisiveness to society. I’m getting tired of religions of all sorts claiming they’re tolerant of other religions, people, and are accepting to differing views; this is just foolish ignorance. Religion has formed into their own little sects in every society, like mini cults. If any group of people believe in a slightly different thing about a religion, they form a new sect and proclaim the others are heretics or blasphemers. The organized form of each religion avidly preaches against its rival sects, separating the people on a very personal and social level. This could be the minor case of in a small rural town of Canada, the Catholic children being told not to play with the Protestant children, which I’ve seen so don’t dare deny it. Also, this social, personal, or cultural separation could be as extreme, as in the case of the Islamic world, vigorously expressing their hatred for other religions, their acts almost criminal like. The religion based schools are also a Berlin wall between cultural groups in society. At a young age children are isolated from other religions, and taught as if their religion is the only righteous path. These children are denied a proper education and are taught, for the most part, from scripture, which further pushes them away from the “heretics” or “false religions”.

Now before anyone loses their fucking shit, I am not singling any religion out, ALL of these cases, can be seen in every major religion, not only Christianity, not only Islam, not only Judaism, but every single one.

On a more global scale, the dividing power of religion becomes more and more obvious. Countless conflicts are arising daily, over supernatural beliefs; Islamic extremists blowing themselves up to kill the non believers or infidels, or Westboro Baptist Church  protesting in the streets with their hate speech towards people they have falsely deemed as immoral. Let us not forget the ever-lasting conflict all around the world, specifically in middle eastern countries; rival religions blindly fighting over the same lands they have been for centuries, to the point where not doing so would seem wrong, or too different.

Religion is destroying the multicultural world many of us seek to maintain. Their mindless belief systems and flat out ignorance will never cease, they will not stop till they get their way, or destroy us all trying to do so.

You may claim that I’m picking extreme examples of these cases, but what difference does it make? Just because you are only moderately religious, does not mean you are not a part of it, even on a small scale. Even more, you’re acting as an enabler for these extremists; if it was not for the over whelming number of blind followers of faith, the extremists would be labeled nut jobs and locked up forever, and get what they deserve. Now it is time for you to grow up, and realize the falsehood that is your faith, I will repeat this ending statement, in almost all of my religion posts. I’ll see you in part 3…

N*ggers, F*gs, and K*kes…

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          Naggers, fogs and kukes. Don’t you hate them too? All the naggers do is nag nag nag, until you want to go shoot up some bitches, fogs make it so you can’t see and you end up sitting down and driving something up your behind, and kukes are crazy always getting into trouble and starting things. Sheesh Jimmy, wouldn’t the world be better without them? You know three other things the world would be great without? Blacks, gays and Jews. WHAT? Did he just say that? I can’t believe he just said that? Is he serious? Yeah I said it, yes I mean it, and I’m damn well serious. You can call me racist, a homophobe and a skinhead all you want, but the facts are facts. These are disabilities and problems with society and the world could potentially be much more at peace with itself, and it’s inhabitants at peace with one another if these three minorities were to, oh I don’t know, get hit with a mass genocide or something.

          First on the docket of this slaughter will be the African-Americans, negros as they’re refered by some. White people are constantly being named off as racist for using words such as nigger, or niglet, when if you listen to any rap done by a black person, or even listen to any of them talk, it’s “nigga this” or “nigga that” or “nigga please, I’ll pop a cap in yo black ass mo’fucka”. So I for one am sick and tired of the hypocritical double standard of blacks being able to say it without being racist, and whites and others not being able to utter it. This racist behavior has gone for too long. Also, it’s just a fucking word, you don’t see gang wars breaking out over some kid calling a white guy a cracker, or cracka. That’s probably due to the fact that most gangs aren’t white because we have the common sence to stay out of the ghettos and do something legal with our lives.

          Second up to bat are the homosexuals. You people need to understand, that you can’t make a whole without a hole, and a double stickshift isn’t going to get that done. There’s so much controversy over whether homosexuals should be allowed to practice the rite of marriage, so much that that’s all that’s being talked about anymore, it’s tieing up the political lines and causing nothing but distress for everyone. If you want to do something to be different, try doing something, not creating a lie that you like to push fudge. If  you’re religious this is even better, as man and woman were made for one another, not for them and their kind, it’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Another thing that makes me furious, a man had sexual intercourse with a monkey, then a man, then that man had it with a woman who happened to be a whore, and this AIDS is born, thanks a fucking load you shit shoveling bastards.

          Oh finally we come to the big shabam, the Jews. Oh god help the Jews, how they’ve been persecuted since the dawn of time, yet have persevered through it all to keep their traditions alive and blah blah blah. If you’ve been persecuted since the beginning of time, there’s generally the idea that alot of people don’t want you to be around. So to give peace to the world, why not just stop existing, everyones happy. No more Jews being persecuted, it gives the persecutors something better to do with their time and the rest of the world doesn’t have to listen to your  lips and whistling 12-inch snout whining about it. World wars, crusades and disputes in Isreal, all because of the Jews, and what makes it better than that, they worship a damn fairy tale like the Christians. People are killing over make-believe, so I have this to say, if anyone dares touch my imaginary banana, or insults my imaginary friend Timmy the blind kid with scoliosis, some fucking heads are going to roll, and there’ll be hell to pay.

          Happy day, jerks. Your friend, Athos.

Religion and the Religious World

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I’ve always had a problem with accepting things just because someone tells me it is true. This could be one of the reasons behind my conversions to Atheism as a young child. However I feel the need to explain the religion that was in my life growing up, and all around me. To show that religion was not forced onto me, nor wrongly portrayed, and that I came to realize that Atheism was the most logical thing, completely on my own.

I was born and raised in a Catholic family, the majority of my family even distantly related were also Catholic. There were a few, literally one or two, who were Atheists, but I did not come to know this till long after I myself had decided to be an Atheist. Growing up I had minor thoughts of the Jewish religion, but still remained Catholic, Islam has been expressed openly in my life as well; I have two friends who follow Islam, one of them being my own girlfriend. Despite all these confrontations with religion, I slowly began to question how even remotely, this could be the answer behind everything in life. Personally I think I’ve been an atheists longer than I have openly admitted, but it hasn’t been till recently (almost two years), that I’ve gained the scientific knowledge, moralistic views, and reasoning skills, to come to the conclusion; that as a major part of today’s world, religion is divisive, ignorant, arrogant, destructive, a crutch to society, unintelligent, full of bigotry, and most of all the biggest lie ever imagined. The fact that it has survived to be in the state it is today, astounds me, is an insult to the intellectual society that created the wonderful world we take for granted to this day.

For the most part I’ll be using Christian examples to prove my claims, as I know more about this religion compared to others.I will do my best however,  to show that it is ALL religions that are this way; and something must be done about it.

This is just the introduction, to explain my background in religion, my views currently; which is clearly strictly Atheist, and the problems I have with religion. It’s a very complicated topic, which I have formed strong opinions on the specific things over the years. I’m going to get all my opinions together, and over some time, slowly update this post, and destroy the falsehood that is religion. I’ll be back soon…